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Inconvenient things happen to people all the time…especially when it comes to getting your car key stuck or broken off in your door lock. However, the people of Nassau County Long Island can take heart in knowing that they have a reliable automotive locksmith service available whenever they need it.

If you’re locked out of your car call our emergency locksmith hotline at (516) 817-6953. We will rush an experienced lock technician to wherever you are as soon as possible.

Lost Your Car Key? Don’t Be Embarrassed – It Happens All The Time

Life, especially in Nassau County, is hectic. Because of this people often misplace their car keys, or lock them inside their car more frequently than you would believe. Our minds are not always on the details, and that is how we can sometimes find ourselves standing outside our car staring at the keys locked inside.

Jammed or Snapped Off Keys

One of the things that people do not give a lot of thought to is the idea that a key can get jammed in a car door lock or ignition.

In the cold weather that we frequently experience during the Winter here in Nassau County, you could turn your car door key the wrong way and it will snap right off. Or, if you are trying to open your car door and someone bumps into you, then your key could get jammed or it could break.

These kinds of things happen more frequently than you may think, and when they do happen you should call an automotive locksmith …and not a mechanic.


AT (516) 817-6953


Car Ignition Key Problems Solved

If you have ever put your car key in the ignition and had to force the key to turn, then you know that just about anything can happen when you are trying to use your car keys. If you have to force your car ignition key to work, then the key could snap off or get jammed in the ignition.

If your car key is doing double duty as a door lock key and an ignition key, then the repeated usage can start to wear the key down and make it less effective. A car key locksmith can help you to get the stuck key out of your ignition and they get you a new car key that will work much better. When you need professional assistance with the key to your ignition, then you should deal with an expert.

A car key locksmith can help you solve all of your car key problems. Car key issues can happen to anyone at anytime, so you should always have the number of a reputable locksmith handy to help you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Need An Extra Key?

extra car keys

In addition to lockout services we also feature key replacement. Our locksmiths are ready to make copies of your keys! We offer new keys at a much lower price than a dealership, have our locksmiths cut a new set for you!