Commercial Locksmith Services

The purpose of a commercial locksmith is to offer all of the locking methods necessary for a company to protect its property. Accordingly, we offer secure high quality commercial Locksmith services to commercial property owners and businesses in Nassau County, Long Island. We can handle business lockouts, gate locks, high security lock repair, door closers; vault repair…an much more. If you have a question about a service give us give us a call today!

We Offer State-of-the-Art Security Techniques and Products

The interior and exterior locking and security systems available to today’s businesses are quite a bit more sophisticated than they were several years ago.

If you would like, you can still get the standard locks installed on your commercial building doors and they will still do the job. The old technology is NOT ineffective…it is just being replaced by newer technology. That newer technology is in the form of digital and computerized locks.

Here’s an example of some of the more comprehensive exterior services offered by 24-7 Nassau Locksmith:

  • closed circuit television system (cctv),
  • wrought iron bars on your office or warehouse windows
  • fingerprint access system that allows access only to authorized individuals.

As you can see, when it comes to securing and protecting commercial property, the range of products and the protection they offer is impressive.

We Help Protect Your Commercial Space From The Inside As Well

When you get inside your office or commercial space there are a wide range of things you might want to protect.

Here’s Are Several Examples:

  1. Locks on Employee Desks
    A commercial locksmith can start by putting locks in the desks of your more key employees. For example, many companies put locks on the desks of the employees that take care of payroll to protect the companies’ interests.
  2. Installing a Vault
    If you want an even more secure place to store important company information, then talk to a locksmith about having a vault installed.
  3. Locks on Company Mailboxes
  4. Card Access Systems Installed On Your Interior Doors

A very important part of owning commercial property and running a business is keeping your company information safe. As an experienced commercial locksmith we are experienced in analyzing your commercial location and recommending security measures that can be taken to protect your company’s interests.

A good company security plan should always include all of the necessary elements to physically protect your company, your staff and the information that your company utilizes every day to do business.

Commercial Lock Brands We Use

commercial lock brands

We are your Nassau County, Long Island Locksmith experts providing high quality work at fair prices. Call (516) 817-6953 to schedule your appointment today or to receive a quote from one of our commercial security specialists.